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We can now supply Haws Watering Cans.
Please click on "Other Products" button on LHS

Colours available: Green, White, Cream, Black, Bright Unpainted Galvanised,
Etch Galvanised, Hand Painted Verdigris and Natural Rusty

Supplied as easy to assemble packs to aid delivery.
We deliver throughout the UK and, indeed also to Japan,
the USA and throughout Europe.

The prices of the 2 Seater Metal Garden Benches start at
£ 341   including VAT

Wessex Metal Garden Benches

 2, 3 & 4 Seaters

Click on this picture for details of the Wessex Range

Classic Metal Garden Benches

2 & 3 Seaters

Click on this picture for details of the Classic Range

We have been making our Wessex Metal Garden Benches  and Classic Metal Garden Benches from wrought iron for many years.

The style of the Wessex bench seats has a traditional appeal in the UK and throughout the world.

Both designs will last for many years as we use heavy weight wrought iron bars in their construction.

In recent years we have added a 4 seater version to the Wessex Range which  has proved very popular with tennis and cricket clubs.

There are also  Dining  and Coffee Tables in the Wessex Range as well as a Single Seater Chair.

The Colour range is set out at the top of the page.

However we are often asked to paint the bench seats in other colours to suit individual requirements - recent requests have included pink.