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Phone us for advice or help with your order anytime on 01749 870250Visa card image

24"/60cm high

18"/45cm wide x 24"/60cm high

24"/60cm high

Single Stem Support

Medium 24"/60cm 3.95  for pack of 3
Large  40"/102cm 4.95  for pack of 3
Click on pic for larger image.

                           Garden Hoops
Two shown back to back in above photo.
                  Click on pic for larger image.       

Single Garden Hoop
Click on pic for larger image.

Click on pic for larger image

2 Garden Hoops Linked Together -
There is no limit to the number of garden Hoops which can be linked together in this way.

All our Garden Hoops are sold in packs of 2.

Details of sizes available and prices are :-

Small 8"/20cm w x 12"/30cm h  5.95 for  pack of 2
Med 18"/45cm w x 24" h/60cm 8.95 for pack of 2
Large  20"/52cm w x 36"/90 h 12.95 for  pack of 2

Postage for these three sizes if posted on their own is
Small: 3, Medium: 4 & Large: 5.

Mini Scrolled Obelisk

Height is 41 1/4" or 105cm.

This is a really strong smaller obelisk which we make from wrought iron and not from wire, as is seen in many garden centres.

Prices are:-

Black, Green or Natural Rusted:  39

Etch Galvanised, White, Cream or Hand Painted Verdigris

Ckick here to visit our main Obelisk page.

Prices include VAT.  If ordered on its own the postage charge is 7.






Plant Support Rings

Diameter of the two rings is 14" or 35cm.

The overall height is 42" or 107cm before pushing into

the ground.

The colour shown is Natural Rusted. The full range of colours and prices are:-

Black, Green or Natural Rusted     44.

Etch Galvanised or Bright Galvanised   49.

Prices include VAT. If ordered on its own the postage charge is 6.