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The Best Way to Water Your Hanging Basket





Waterways is a unique product which makes the watering of Hanging Baskets much easier. The Waterways funnel ensures that the water and feed go straight to the roots of the plants no matter how hot and dry the weather becomes.

When you plant your Hanging Baskets position a Waterways funnel in each of the baskets as shown.

Arrange plants as usual, keeping the funnel mouth clear.

Water and feed as required. As the plants grow the funnel will be accessible but camouflaged and watering of Hanging Baskets will always be clean and easy.

One Waterways is required for each hanging basket.

Waterways can be used with Manger Baskets, Pots and Grow Bags with equal effect as with watering hanging baskets.

We have been offering Waterways for over 10 years and there are many satisfied users throughout the world - wherever gardeners are involved in the watering of hanging baskets.

UK prices including VAT:-

£1.45 for each Waterway funnel

There is a £ 6 carriage charge for orders under £30 as set out on the Home Page.

However if you are just ordering Waterways we are able to post you a box of 4 for £7.90 including VAT and postage to an address in the UK up until the end of  September 2008.

See "How to Order" on Home Page.

If you are ordering from abroad please contact us by email and we will quote you for delivery to your home.