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Barbecue & Patio  Heating

Phone us for advice or help with your order anytime on 01749 870250Visa card image



to warm you on your  Patio or help you with your Barbecue.

Fire products produced by Craftsmen at our sister company The Forge at Wells in the Cathedral City of Wells in Somerset

Our  Large Log Burner Firebasket, with ashpans, incorporated in an outside fireplace.
The overall width is 32"/81cm,depth is 11 1/2"/29cm and height is 8 1/2"/22cm

The price of the Large Log Burner including VAT is 294.50



Our 24" (60cm) Firebasket with Ball Dogs in an Outside Firebasket.. Also shown is our C1 4pce
Companion Set 23"/58cm high


Large Log Burner with Logs
The overall width is 32"/81cm,depth is 11 1/2"/29cm and height
 is 8 1/2"/22cm

There are 3 other sizes of Log Burner Firebaskets:-

Medium 27"/69cm wide x 11 1/2"/29cm deep
               x 8 1/2"/21.5cm high   255.50 including VAT

Regular 21 1/2"/55cm wide x 11 1/2"/29cm deep
               x 8 1/2"/21.5cm high   213.75 incl VAT

Extra Large 34"/86cm wide x  22"/56cm deep
                 x 10"/26cm high 586.00 incl VAT

Barbecue or Fire Pit?

On the left is shown our Large Cooper Firebasket burning logs and functioning as a Patio Heater.

 This long established Firebasket has 4 replaceable  Cast Iron Grids in its base to give many years  service.

On the right the optional grill has been fitted to the Large Cooper
so that it can be used as a barbecue. The charcoal is placed on the
cast iron grids.
Dimensions of the Large Cooper are:-
 21 1/2"/55cm wide x 15"/38cm deep x 9"/23cm high
The price is 245.90 including VAT


Please click on these links below to see pictures of our Full Range of Fire Products;

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Fire Tools and Companion Sets Log Baskets Canopies Ash Pans
Roaster Pans and Forks Fire Dogs Firebaskets Candleholders
Protective Gloves      


F3A Fire basket

24" Swans Nest Basket with Pineapple Dogs

Sedgemoor Fire basket


Small Log Burner Fire basket  22"  wide


Large Brazier or Cauldron 29"/74cm  cm diameter 29"/74cm  cm high


These are just 5 examples of our the wide range of fire baskets

produced by our sister company www.theforgeatwells.co.uk