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Commercial Boot Brush Scraper

Picture on the left.

This is ideal for the muddiest of situations! Each brush is 12" or 30.5 cm long. One foot can be placed over the semi circular iron bar on the ground to steady the scraper whilst mud is removed from the other foot using the horizontal bar scraper and then the brush.
Meantime the ring at the top of scraper can be firmly grasped in the hand.The brush is made from high quality bassine.


Overall height is 35" or 89cm, 15 1/2"(39cm) wide and 16 1/2"(42cm) front to back.

The price is £63.50 plus £15 delivery charge-prices include VAT. Each spare brush costs £5.20 with a £4 postage charge or £ 5.50 postage for a set of two brushes.


If any of the Boot Brush Scrapers are ordered on their own the following arrangements apply:-

Double Boot Scraper GF17B £36.00 + £9 P & P
 = £45.00 Total including VAT

Single Boot Scraper GF17A £29.00+ £7 P & P = £ 36.00 Total including VAT

Spare Brush GF67 £3.95 + £3 P & P (or £4 for two) = £6.95 Total including VAT. (This spare brush is for both the Single and Double Boot Brush Scrapers. There is a separate spare brush for the Commercial Boot Brush Scraper.)

If any of these products are ordered as part of a larger order their value will be added to that of the other items and the delivery charge calculated as explained earlier.

See "How to Order" on Home Page.

If the order is small ie one or two of these products these Postage and Packing prices apply throughout the UK as the goods will be sent by Royal Mail Parcels. If a number of products are ordered  a Carrier Parcel Delivery firm is used and there may be an extra delivery charge for parts of Scotland, parts of Wales, the Outer Isles and the Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland. Please email us at info@wessexforge.co.uk or phone us on    01749 870 250 if you need help on this point.

Double Boot Scraper GF17B

This is shown on the left in the photograph.

The height is 36 1/4" / 92cm and there is a short horizontal handle at the top of the Scraper so that it can be held firmly while in use. As well as the two brushes there is a horizontal bar at the bottom which acts as and "edge" so that mud can be removed from the sole of a boot or shoe.
The brushes are 9" or 23cm long.

Boot scrapers are often left outside a back or front door throughout the winter.

 The Wessex Forge Boot Scrapers are painted to a high standard to withstand the rigours of a British winter.

The brushes are of a high quality. durable. The wooden base is made from a tough soft wood and the bristles are bassine.

Single Boot Scraper GF17A

This is a simpler version of the Double Boot Brush Scraper with just the one brush. It is 35 1/2" or 90cm high. The brush is 9" or 23cm long

Spare Brush GF67

This is a spare brush for the Double and Single Boot Scrapers, supplied drilled and ready to be screwed into place. The brush is 9" or 23cm long

Spare Brush GF67 £3.95 + £3 P & P (or £4 for two) = £6.95 Total including VAT

There is a separate spare brush for the Commercial Boot Brush Scraper.



Boot Beetle


The function of a Boot Beetle is to enable one to remove a boot or shoe without having to bend down and use one's hands in the normal way. The the shoe to be removed is pushed-heel first-between the two prongs attached to be beetle's "head". The beetle is held firmly down with the other foot and the shoe or boot can then be pulled off !
It makes an unusual, but useful gift, to suit most pockets.
Dimensions are 9.5"(24cm) long and 2.5"(6cm) high.
The Boot Beetle is also available in black.

rice is £14.80 plus a postage and packing cost of
£4.95 making a total of  £19.75 including VAT.
Click on pic for a bigger image.



Click for Larger Pictures




Dog Boot Scraper 

 Again a very popular gift items.
Dimensions are:- 10"(26cm) long and 2.5" (6cm) high. The  Dog Boot Scraper is made from cast  iron and is a very sturdy item.

The price is £23.00 including VAT
.In addition there is a post and packing charge of £6.95 making a total of  £29.95.
  All prices include VAT.
Click on pic for a bigger image.





Our Wellington Boot Stand, shown on the right
will hold 3 pairs of boots. There is also a boot jack
for removing boots (or shoes) and a brush for
cleaning off mud.
Also available in Black.
The price is £55.80 including VAT with a delivery
charge of £12.00.








  Welly Stand with Boot Scraper Brush and Jack



Harp Floor Scraper

This is a robust Floor Boot Scraper featuring a Harp design.It measures 8"(20cm) high  x 12 1/2"(32cm) wide and  12 1/2"(32cm) deep.

The price is £ £35.80  plus £7 delivery charge. All prices include VAT.

Click on pic for a bigger image.



Floor Brush & Boot Scraper



Our Floor Brush & Boot Scraper combines a
strong scraping bar with 2 high quality brushes.
Dimensions are t measures 5.5"(14cm) high  x 10"(25cm) wide and  10"(25cm) deep.

The price is £21.10 plus £7 delivery charge. All prices include VAT.

Click on pic for a bigger image.