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Camelot Tunnel GF06T

The Tunnel shown here is formed by joining 3 Camelot Arches together with 2 Tunnel Joining Kits consisting of horizontal bars.
The dimensions of a Tunnel formed in this way is :-

93"/236cm high x 49"/124cm wide x 134"/340cm long

The separation between each arch is 49"/125cm

A Camelot Tunnel can be extended as far as you wish simply by adding more Camelot Arches, each one with a Joining Kit.

Each extra Camelot Arch and joining kit is 61" (or 155cm) long.

The Camelot Tunnel is as easy to assemble as a Camelot Arch and full instructions are given.

For a Tunnel Consisting of 2 Arches and 1 Joining Kit the dimensions are 93"/236cm high x  49"/124cm wide x 73"/185cm long.

UK prices including VAT along with colour choice:-

To see an example of the Etch Galvanised, Natural Rusted and Hand Painted Verdigris Finishes please click on the button marked "Colour Samples" on the Left Hand Side of this Screen.

Two Arch Tunnel with one Joining Kit

Dimensions are: 93"/236cm high x  49"/124cm wide x 73"/185cm long.

 Black, Green or Natural Rusted: £313.

White, Cream, Unpainted Galvanised or Etch Galvanised  £329.

 or Hand Painted Verdigris  £333

Three Arch Tunnel  with two Joining Kits

(As illustrated)

Dimensions are: 93"/236cm high x  49"/124cm wide x 134"/340cm long. Black, Green

 or  Natural Rusted. £486

White, Cream, Unpainted Galvanised or , Etch Galvanised. £511

 Hand Painted Verdigris  £531

Four Arch Tunnel with three Joining Kits

93"/236cm high x  49"/124cm wide x 195"/991cm long.

Black, Green or Natural Rusted.  £ 653

White,Cream,Unpainted Galvanised or Etch Galvanised. £681

 Hand Painted Verdigris £702

For each Extra Camelot Arch and Joining Kit  added to the Tunnel, the length

of the Tunnel is extended by 61"or 155cm.

This is made up of 12" for the depth of the Camelot Arch and 49" for the length of the

Joining Kit.

The prices of each extra Arch and Joining Kit including VAT are:-

Black, Green or Natural Rusted:  £144.55 + £15 = £168

White, Cream, Unpainted Galvanised or Etch Galvanised £174.30 + £22 =£196.30

or Hand Painted Verdigris £197  +£24 =£232

This information enables you to calculate the cost of a Tunnel of any length.

The space between the arches on Camelot Tunnels is normally 49"/125cm.

However this spacing can be increased or decreased as a special order.

There is a delivery charge based on the order value.


See "How to Order" on Home Page.


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