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Wessex Forge are one of the few forges still able to supply hand made Traditional Chestnut Roasters. What is more they are supplied direct to the public by post. The price for delivery in the UK of a Chestnut Roaster is just £14.35 each. In fact every year we send many throughout the world largely to UK Nationals who are living and working abroad and keen to arrange a traditional British Christmas. One of the attractions of Chestnut Roasters at this time of year is that they are the ideal Christmas Gift. The price - £14.35 including VAT and packed and delivered in the UK - means that Chestnut Roasters can be given and received by a whole range of ages from teenage children to grand parents. And they are practical - they can be used to roast the Chestnuts on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! They are also an ideal decoration for the fireside - whether it is a simple Firebasket or a more elaborate Inglenook. There doesn't have to be a real fire either! Our Chestnut Roaster has a hand made pan with decorative holes and a twisted wrought iron handle with a scrolled end. It is finished in black.

The chestnut roaster is 20" or 51cm in length.

The pan is 6 3/4" or 17cm in diameter.



The craftsmen also make a limited number of toasting forks prior to Christmas. Traditional methods are used with wrought iron and the result is an attractive Toasting Fork. It can be hung up when not in use from the ring at the end of its handle.
Like the toasting fork it is an ideal gift. And in a similar way it is both useful and decorative.

Our hand made wrought iron toasting fork is
20 ¼" or 51cm long

The price for the Toasting Fork is £ 10.50 including VAT and Postage if purchased on its own.

The extra cost of buying a toasting fork at the same time as a Chestnut Roaster is £8.95 ie. a total of £23.30

Phone 01749 870250 any time.


If you are emailing from abroad we can quote you for postage by return.


If you want to order the Chestnut Roaster on its own the cost is £ 14.35 including VAT and postage. Also please see "How to Order" by clicking on button at the top of the left hand side of this page.

All orders received by Friday 15th December will be delivered by Christmas.

 It is helpful however if you could send us your order as soon as you can.

After Friday 15th December please phone or email us.

We will still be able to deliver to you before Christmas using Royal Mail Special Delivery - see bottom of the page. We have been offering this late delivery Service for many years and it works well.

If you purchase either a chestnut roaster or a toasting fork or both of these items as part of a larger order for other products from The Forge at Wells, please deduct £2 from the price of each item as there would be no postage involved.

If you are emailing from abroad we can quote you for postage by return.

We can send either the Toasting Fork or Chestnut Roaster, or both, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Overnight Service for an extra charge of £3.00 per item.

We have used this service for many years and is highly reliable even immediately before Christmas. Special Deliveries can also now be arranged for a Saturday for a further small charge of a further £2.


9th December 2017