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Colours available are Black, Green, Natural Rusted,  White, Cream, Unpainted Galvanised (Silver Colour), Etch Galvanised and Hand Painted Verdigris.

The price of a  Camelot Tunnel consisting of 2 Arches and 1 Joining Kit starts at 298  including VAT, depending on the colour choice. A Camelot Tunnel with 3 Arches  is shown below on the left.

Camelot Tunnel

Pavilion Tunnel

English Rose Tunnels

Please click on picture for a larger image.

Camelot Tunnel formed from 3 Camelot Arches with an Opening Width of 49"/124cm.

Please click on picture for a larger image.

This is a Pavilion Arch Tunnel 4ft Internal Width and with Pointed Tops. The 4 arches shown are part of a 7 Arch Tunnel. Colour is Natural Rusted.

  Please click on picture for a larger image.

A Long Tunnel Made Up of 6ft Opening English Rose Arches linked together.

 Please click on picture for a larger image.

Three 4ft Opening English Rose Arches forming a Tunnel


Click on a picture to enlarge and see details