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Hand Made Wrought Iron
All Gate Prices include VAT and Delivery*

Wessex Forge offer a wide range of high quality hand made wrought iron garden gates.

There are 13 different styles of garden gate ranging from the highly ornate Avon wrought iron gates through to the value oriented Frome style.

They include single garden gates, double gates - or driveway gates-, side entrance gates, arch top gates and larger double gates.

We also produce railings and balustrades.

All gates are available with a lockable pad bolts. This is illustrated at the bottom of the page..  When the bolt is moved into position it can be locked in place with a conventional padlock. This means the gate cannot be opened.

When a padbolt is supplied an extra hangar  is attached to the gate frame mounted the other way up from the hangars at the top and bottom of the gate frame.The extra price for a lockable pad bolt is £ 15 including VAT (padlock not included)

This is an added security feature in that the gate cannot be lifted off its  hinges to gain entry.

Apart from appearance one of the main reasons for selecting a wrought iron gate is that it offers superior security to the alternatives. Longevity is another attractive feature - a well made wrought iron gate will last for many many years.

Our most popular gates……..

01 Avon Single Gate           £ 210.70
3 ft opening (92cm)
3 ft 10 ins height (117cm)
103 Jordan Single Gate           £ 96.65
3 ft opening width (92cm)
3 ft 4 ins gate height (102cm)
83 Jordan Side Entrance Gate            £ 155.25
3 ft opening width (92cm)
5ft 6ins opening height (168cm)
87 Jordan Arch Gate           £ 165.95
3 ft opening width (92cm)
6 ft opening height (183cm)
109 Martock Single Gate           £ 81.20
3 ft opening width (92cm)
3 ft 7 ins gate height (109cm)
37 Frome Single Gate           £ 77.30
3 ft opening width (92cm)
3 ft gate height (92cm)
43 Frome Side Entrance Gate            £ 123.85
3 ft opening width (92cm)
5 ft 6 ins opening height (168cm)
47 Frome Arch Gate           £ 144.55
3 ft opening (92cm)
6 ft opening height (183cm)

Please note when ordering:-

With all types of gates - single, double, side entrance or arch - we use the width of the opening itself to classify the width of the gate. For example the Frome Arch Gate No 47 is made to fit a 3 ft opening. The actual width of the frame of the gate is less than 3 ft to allow for the hinges and latch.

The same principle is used to measure the height of gates. Continuing the example of the Frome Arch Gate No 47, this is made to fit an arch shaped opening which is 6 ft high. The actual frame of the gate will be less than this to allow about 2 ins ground clearance and 2 ins clearance at the top.

Gates can be supplied as "Left Hand Hung" where the hinges are on the left and the gate opens away from one. Alternatively they can be "Right Hand Hung" where the hinges are on the right.

All gates are supplied with either build-in or screw-on hangars and latch plates. Unless otherwise requested screw-on fittings will be supplied).

For double, or driveway gates, centre stop plates and hold back catches can be supplied.

There is a comprehensive range of gate posts, listed later on.

All gates are supplied finished in primer paint only. A top coat should be applied as soon as possible.

A hot dip galvanised finish is available at extra cost: £ 25 for a single gate and £ 30 for a Side Gate or Arch Top Gate. All prices include VAT..

We are able to make special sizes and styles - this is an important part of our business. Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to quote.
Email us at sales@wessexforge.co.uk, fax us on 01749 870250 or
write to:-

Wessex Forge
Unit 5 Lodge Hill Industrial Estate
Westbury sub Mendip
Wells Somerset
Phone: 01749 870250    Fax: 01749 670150

Ordering is simple - post a cheque (made payable to Wessex Forge) for the full amount. Please include your address and post code and a daytime telephone number. There may be an extra delivery charge for parts of Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland - please contact us for details.


The Lockable Padbolt                          is an important security feature shown here is available as an optional extra.


Lockable Padbolt shown  beneath the Gate Latch. (For clarity neither the keep into which the latch engages or the tube into which the pad bolt slides are shown in this picture.)
To the left is shown a Jordan Side Entrance gate which has been covered in 1" square mesh to prevent small animals passing through.

This gate also features hangars and a latch which are slimmer than usual which means that the gap between the gate frame and the gate posts is kept to a minimum.