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We can now supply Haws Watering Cans.
Please click on "Other Products" button on LHS


Height dimensions are after the Arbour legs have been pushed 12"/30cm into the ground.

Colours available are Black, Green, Cream, White, Unpainted Galvanised, Etch Galvanised, Hand Painted Verdigris and Natural Rusted.

Phone us for advice or help with your order anytime on   01749 870250Visa card image

Camelot Abour GF06A

The Camelot Arbour is made up of two Wrought Iron Camelot Arches held together with a "D" ring at their top. There are Wrought Iron side pieces to give an enclosed effect to the Arbour.

The Camelot Arbour is shown here with the Wessex 2 Seater Park bench Seat. (The bench seat is not included in the price for the arbour)

Height: 99"/251cm

Diameter: 62"/158cm

UK Price including VAT:-

 Black, Green or  Natural Rusted 299.

Etch Galvanised, White, Cream or Unpainted Galvanised  363

Hand Painted Verdigris  383

There is a delivery charge based on the order value see below or see "How to Order" on Home Page.



Larger Sizes of the Camelot Arbour

Illustrated is the Camelot Arbour with 10 ft diameter and 7 legs. Other sizes and prices are as follows:-

         Size:  Height of all sizes is 102"(255cms)              


All prices include VAT

 Black, Green or Natural Rusted

For details of the galvanised option see below*

Cream, White, Etch Galvanised, Unpainted  Galvanised. (Cream and White have a Galvanised Undercoat.) Hand Painted Verdigris, with Galvanised Undercoat.  
6 ft diameter - 5 Legs 730 791 837  
7 ft diameter - 5 Legs 887 986 1048  
8 ft diameter - 5 Legs 1045 1165 1245  
9 ft diameter - 7 Legs 1258 1300 1379  
10 ft diameter - 7 Legs 1304 1464 1550  
* Extra cost for a Galvanised Undercoat on Black and Green Finishes are: 6 ft diam:60, 7 ft diam:70 and 8ft diam and above: 105.

                       The same 10ft diameter Rusted Arbour with 7 Legs as illustrated earlier on the page after several year's growth.

Contact us: Phone 01749 870250 (anytime)

Fax: 01749 670150

Email: info@wessexforge.co.uk.

Post: Wessex Forge Unit 5, Lodge Hill Ind Estate,
Westbury sub Mendip, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1EY England.


You can buy from us direct.

If you would like to order there are three payment methods:-

1. Pay by Credit Card - sorry Can't take Maestro Cards.

Visa card image

Phone us any time to pay on 01749 870250 so we can take your details.

2. Post a cheque for the amount, made payable

to "Wessex Forge" to the address shown below.

Wessex Forge

Unit 5 Lodge Hill Industrial Estate

Westbury sub Mendip

Wells    Somerset     BA5 1EY 


3. If you prefer, you can  transfer the payment direct to our bank account.

 If you wish to do this please ring us so we can give you our bank details. 

Our number is 01749 870250 and you can ring us anytime.  

Please include details of your daytime phone no for delivery purposes.

Our Address: Unit 5  Lodge Hill Industrial Estate, Westbury sub Mendip,
Wells, Somerset  BA5 1EY  UK
   info@theforgeatwells.co.uk   You are
welcome to call but please phone ahead to let us know when to expect  you.
We deliver throughout the UK and abroad. All prices include VAT.

Prices quoted on this web site for the UK and for the EU include VAT.

Special offers - we often have small quantities of products on Special Offer. These are usually products which have been on display at exhibitions.

Please click here for details

For UK customers the following delivery charges apply. These delivery charges and the range of order values shown below include VAT:-

For orders of 25 and below (including VAT) the delivery charge is 6

For orders over 25 but below 35 9including VAT) the delivery charge is 8

For orders over 35 but below 50 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 128

For orders over 50 but below 100 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 17

For orders over 100 but below 150 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 20

For orders over 150 but below 200 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 22

For orders over 200 but below 300 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 25

For orders over 300 but below 400 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 29

For orders over 400 but below 500 (including VAT) the delivery charge is 33

Over 500 the  delivery charge is 43.

There may be an extra delivery charge for parts of Scotland, parts of Wales, the Isle of Wight, the Outer Isles and Northern Ireland - see note below.

If you are contacting us from outside the UK please email us with your details so that we can quote you for delivery to your home.

Contact us: Phone 01749 870250 (anytime)   Fax: 01749 670150

Post: Wessex Forge Unit 5, Lodge Hill Ind Estate,
Westbury sub Mendip, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1EY England.

To order: Phone us with your Credit Card details or post us a cheque (made out to Wessex Forge) for the full amount to us at Wessex Forge.